Jewelutions - dedicated exclusively to the production of personalized jewelry

30.12.20 04:15 PM By Jewelutions

As a company, Jewelutions is fully dedicated to the production of personalized jewelry. From software (e-commerce plugin) to physical production, our processes have been designed specifically for the jewelry personalization industry. 

Our production capability is fully dedicated to jewelry personalization. This means that we have researched and invested in the best available personalization technologies and processes. Our inhouse knowledge covers the personalization process end to end: personalized orders via the Jewelutions shop plugin to the casting / 3D printing, and engraving of the jewelry. That means we have full control and as such high confidence in the quality of our end product.

§1. Why choose Jewelutions as your jewelry personalization producer?

We know that it is important to choose your partners wisely. As a jewelry producer specializing in personalized jewelry, we have made it our goal to provide a good and reliable experience for our partners. Our solution is exclusively designed for jewelry personalization - so that you and your shoppers benefit from both a good shopping experience and excellent products. 

§2.1 High-quality jewelry

Our team has been designing and producing jewelry for over 10 years. We are aware of all the steps in the production process and have been dedicated to controlling them so that each personalized piece of jewelry we create is flawless.

§2.2 A business model focused on personalization

We are veterans. We have worked in the jewelry industry for over 10 years. All our company revenue is based entirely on the jewelry personalization market. Our incentives are therefore fully aligned with the success of the personalisation business model. 

Jewelutions is a full white label solution and as such we give our partner shops complete freedom in how they integrate us into their business and e-commerce channels. This also means that you as a shop owner have the complete freedom to set your own prices & retail margins.

Digital technology is vital for the personalization market and we are committed to making the digital investments needed to create a reliable modern solution. Your shoppers are digital natives and the underlying technologies of the digital world changes quite fast. 

We stay ahead of this by releasing new software versions several times per year & upgrading our solution so that it keeps working well on all the devices your shoppers use. 

By choosing the Jewelutions solution, your shoppers will benefit from our focus on quality throughout their customer journey. Our solution has been designed to provide both a great online shopping experience and high-quality physical products.

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§2.3 Production time

At the core of our operational strategy lies the ambition to produce personalized jewelry as fast as possible. That’s why we have made substantial investments in automating the entire production process through smart software and hardware. 

This allows us to keep our end-to-end production time low. It’s important both for you as a shop, and for your shoppers, to have the final products produced and delivered as soon as possible.

 Fast production is possible thanks to the software and hardware infrastructure we have custom built. 

Our software automatically checks for new orders from your e-commerce platform several times per hour. 

Once we receive the order, our production units manufacture and ship the final products by the end of the next business day.

§2.4 Delivery times

Short delivery times are a critical part of overall delivery times. Unlike a traditional jewelry order, every personalized jewelry retail order must be produced and delivered separately. Everything should happen as fast as possible so that the overall delivery time is short. This is essential in both the case of warehouse but also dropship delivery. 

We have optimized our inhouse processes and logistics integration so that each step of the process is done as fast as possible. All our orders are delivered by airplane and as such we made sure that all our delivery units are located in major international trading hubs with daily worldwide airline traffic.

§2.5 Delivery costs

Delivery costs are also important when selling personalized jewelry. Usually, each retail order corresponds to an individual production order. This means that batch production and delivery are rarely possible. Most of the time, each retail order will have a separate delivery cost. Keeping this cost under control is essential for your retail shop. 

At Jewelutions, we pay extra attention to keeping delivery costs low. That is why we have negotiated high-volume delivery contracts with global delivery companies. This helps us keep costs low.

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