Jewelutions - The complete solution for jewelry personalisation

21.12.20 03:59 PM By Jewelutions

Jewelutions has over 10 years of experience in the jewelry market. Our team of passionate professionals has a deep commitment to the entire personalization experience. We have built up extensive in house knowledge on each step in the personalization process. We are now using this knowledge to provide you with an end-to-end jewelry personalization solution. 

§1. A complete personalization solution

Jewelutions provides a complete jewelry personalization solution that covers the entire personalization process. All the components behind our solution have been designed and produced by our in-house team. 

This allows us to guarantee that all of the components behind the personalization process integrate flawlessly. 

Our team’s experience consists of both software creation and product manufacturing. We create software dedicated to jewelry personalization that is focused on achieving a great customer experience. 

Our production units handle the entire order fulfillment process, from production to personalization and delivery.

§2. Jewelry personalization for your shop: the process

The Jewelutions jewelry personalization solution provides an e-commerce plugin that, once installed, allows your shop to offer personalized jewelry. The personalized items can be published instantly in your shop catalog via the plugin administration interface. 

To better understand the process behind the creation of personalized jewelry, let’s have a look at each step of the customer journey:

§2.1 Website visit

A shopper - let’s call him John - visits your online shop. He wants to order a personalized pendant for his girlfriend. John will browse through your product catalog and choose a customizable pendant. At this point, he will open the 3D design tool.

This tool will work well on John’s mobile phone, as the plugin works flawlessly on various device types & sizes. The fact that John can go through the whole process on his phone, makes the ordering process very easy for him.

§2.2 Jewelry personalization

When John decides to personalize a piece of jewelry, the Jewelutions plugin will load your shop’s catalog with 3D models, together with your fonts and symbols. John experiences a real-time photorealistic 3D personalization process. He knows that what he sees on his screen is a realistic representation of the final product - of what he will get in the package. 

§2.3. Checkout & payment

Once John finishes the personalization, he adds the pendant to his cart and makes the payment. This part of the process is the same as for any other “mass-produced” piece of jewelry. There really is no difference. He can even add both personalized and mass-produced jewelry in the same shopping basket.

§2.4. Order processing & delivery

John’s order is stored just like a regular order in your existing e-commerce platform. As such, John receives the typical mails that are already in place for your sales funnel. 

The Jewelutions platform automatically reads the new orders directly from your e-commerce platform. The personalized items are immediately forwarded to our in house production unit. The personalized jewelry is then created and delivered either directly to your shop or the final customer. 

All of these steps are done automatically. Your shop team does not need to get directly involved in the process, as the e-commerce plugin handles all of the steps in the personalization process. Our production units handle the rest.  

§3. The Jewelutions personalization solution: components

As a complete jewelry personalization solution, Jewelutions offers all the elements necessary for the personalization process - from the e-commerce personalization plugin to the manufacturing of the final personalized items:  

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§3.1 Personalization plugin (the software extension) 

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin is fully white-label and easy to install in your existing e-commerce system. Moreover, our customer success team provides full assistance with the installation and post-installation processes. 

Once the plugin is installed, you can add personalized products to your shop’s product catalog. The shopper will interact with these personalizable items through a photorealistic 3D visualization canvas directly in his web browser. This integration does not affect your existing checkout and payment processes. Learn more

§3.2 Personalization catalog models (the 3D CAD models)

You already need flawless images of all the products in your catalog. The shoppers need to visualize what they will buy. In the case of mass-produced items, you already use images which are 2D representations of the products. When it comes to personalized jewelry, however, you need 3D models. 

At Jewelutions, we already have an extensive catalog of 3D jewelry models, as well as an in-house design team specialized in jewelry design. Our team can create new shop-specific models in addition to the existing ones. The models are visually accurate (ie. lights, metal reflection, etc.) and have production-grade precision. Learn more

§3.3 Personalization media (fonts, symbols)

Your shop has a brand-specific customer journey. All the elements that your shopper interacts with - product images, inspiration images, texts, titles, fonts, colors - are part of this story. This is also true for personalized products. 

The Jewelutions plugin can easily be configured in alignment with your shop’s branding. Our solution already has an extensive collection of fonts for various alphabets, which allow the creation of personalized texts, but also symbol/vector collections. We also allow you to add your own exclusive fonts and symbols collections. Learn more

§3.4. Personalization producer

Our production units take care of the order fulfillment for your shop. This covers all the steps needed to produce and deliver the physical item - production, personalization, and delivery. Jewelutions is fully invested in the personalization business model and we offer great delivery times at low delivery costs. Learn more

§4. A complete solution for a flawless personalization experience

A good personalization solution needs to cover each stage in the personalization process - from product visualization to delivery. Unlike in the case of mass-produced items, where choice is limited, in the case of personalized jewelry, the shopper is a co-creator of the purchased item. Therefore, the “co-creation” experience should be flawless.

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