Shopping-focused jewelry personalization features

18.12.20 04:05 PM By Jewelutions

Each shop develops a brand image and a brand voice that its target audience will find relatable. Your branding is present throughout the customer journey: on landing pages, product images, inspiration images, texts, titles, fonts, colors, etc. Personalized products are no exception to this rule.

§1. Branding and personalization options

Before purchasing a piece of jewelry, a shopper might decide to personalize it with a text. As such the fonts used for this purpose should be aligned with your shop’s brand positioning. In order to do that, your shop must configure the personalization plugin with suitable fonts and symbols.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin is configurable to be aligned with the brand values of your shop. After installation, the plugin allows you to select and add stone settings, colors, unique fonts, and symbols. We know that all these must be aligned with your shop’s branding and meet or exceed your shoppers’ expectations.

§2. What can Jewelutions do?

The Jewelutions personalization options provide a basic but powerful selection of personalization opportunities: stones, colors, fonts, texts, symbols. This set of choices allows you as a shop to make sure you can cover all your customers’ personalization needs. 

We believe that it really is possible for a shopper to  “co-create” without being exposed to any complexity whatsoever. They can personalize their jewelry easily as long as the user experience is right and the software automates all complexity away. Our web interface is very simple and easy to use - it can be used by the least skilled web shoppers. We are strong believers in basic, but powerful personalization choices.

§2.1 Stones

All Jewelutions jewelry are available both as plain and with full stones. We believe that the selection of stones shouldn’t be a reason for shoppers to compromise with their design. Both choices are possible for all our personalized designs without any impact in the available personalization features or the size of the personalization area. During the onboarding process, our team can offer practical advice on which stone settings to make available in your shop.

§2.2 Colors

All Jewelutions designs are available in a variety of colors, based on metal selection and plating. Once again, we believe that the personalization process shouldn’t be limited by color choices. 

Our e-commerce plugin automatically adapts the personalization color to the design base color, guaranteeing the best contrast and visual appeal. Our onboarding team helps your shop decide which colors to make available so that the personalisation offer is aligned with your branding purposes.

§2.3 Fonts in various alphabets

Unique fonts for your shop

With the Jewelutions solution, your shop can select or define the fonts (and related assets) that are appealing to your typical shopper. If the shopper writes a custom message on a piece of jewelry, he must have the fonts that are aligned with your shop’s brand and overall story. For example, a “handwriting” font for a sport-themed shop could be different from a “handwriting” font for a pets-themed shop.

Fonts for any language

Fonts have unique constraints related to the language in which they are used. Each language has its own set of characters (or letters) and writing style.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin has dozens of popular fonts in its collection. We also have fonts for any alphabet: Middle-Eastern, Latin, Asian, etc. If needed, our team will help your shop select the right fonts during the onboarding process. 

§2.4 Symbols collections

Each culture or lifestyle niche has its own set of symbols (or visuals) that its members understand and value. Our shopping behavioral analysis data suggests that symbols are a very popular and easy way to personalize a piece of jewelry. Shoppers typically like to have multiple symbols to choose from. 

To keep things simple, we always organize these symbols in collections. These symbol collections are often thematic collections that are aligned with the brand of the shop. 

For example, a pet shop might have animal related symbol collections. A sports shop, on the other hand, will have several collections with symbols representative of popular sports.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin has dozens of popular symbol collections. We can also help shops add their own symbol collections to our plugin, during the onboarding process.

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