The commercial benefits of personalized jewelry

31.12.20 04:40 PM By Jewelutions

§1. Five challenges of differentiating your online jewelry shop

Mass-produced jewelry is the type of jewelry most often sold by an online jewelry shop. This happens because custom and personalized items are traditionally known to be more expensive and to involve a more complex manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this also means that your shop will find it more difficult to differentiate itself. 

This has become even more challenging in the times of e-commerce when shops of all sizes are competing in the same markets. In the past, jewelry shops could focus on creating “special” in-store experiences. But online shopping is really different.

5 Challenges

§2. The game-changer: personalized jewelry 

Personalized jewelry can be a solution for many shops that want to overcome the challenges mentioned above. Offering personalized jewelry can give a shop the chance to differentiate itself from the competition while offering the shopper a unique experience and a product that truly fits their style.

And the good news is that, nowadays, thanks to new technology and digitalization, personalized jewelry can be produced at a competitive price. This allows shops to keep (or even increase) their typical retail margin thanks to personalized jewelry.  At the same time, shoppers benefit from a truly personal purchase.

This is possible due to the way jewelry production and retail have evolved in our competitive digital landscape.

§2.1 New production technology

Manufacturing jewelry no longer relies solely on traditional casting. New technologies like 3D printing and laser engraving have made it possible to produce unique pieces of jewelry at fairly low prices. This means that batch production is no longer needed to cut down costs; producing unique items can be just as cost-effective. 

§2.2. A new online customer journey

The traditional customer journey usually started and ended in the retail shop. Customer interaction, therefore, had very high costs, as this involved high costs for rentals and payroll. And even if the customer journey started before - like when viewing a banner or a leaflet - this was very difficult to track. 

Thanks to e-commerce, however, the costs associated with creating a customer journey are considerably lower. Once the shopper is on your website, the rest of the journey is basically cost-free. 

With Jewelutions your shop will benefit fully from the new digital shopping. Our real-time 3D photorealistic visualization makes shopping really personal. Your shopper will interact with your personalized product in 3D and customize it to make it his own. 

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§2.3 Four benefits of selling personalized jewelry in your online shop

Personalized jewelry can be an “ace up the sleeve” of companies that have the ambition to really stand out. Offering personalized jewelry can bring a shop several clear benefits. 

4 Benefits

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