The white label shop plugin: a flawless visual experience

20.12.20 04:00 PM By Jewelutions

When you offer personalized jewelry in your webshop, the e-commerce personalization plugin (or shop extension) is your most important touchpoint with the shopper. The right plugin will guarantee a flawless customer experience, the integrity of your brand, but also a smooth integration with your existing sales processes. 

§1. The Jewelutions personalization plugin

The Jewelutions e-commerce personalization plugin offers integration with your brand, your customer journey, and your shop. Our customer success team provides full assistance both for the installation process and for post-installation tasks & maintenance. 

The 5 essentials

§2. Photorealistic 3D visualization

Using the Jewelutions plugin does not change the existing shopping experience in any way. To make a purchase, shoppers will still browse your product catalog - just as they do when buying mass-produced jewelry items. As such, when a shopper opens a regular (non-personalized) product the existing product page opens and they experience your shop exactly as they did before.

The real difference is experienced only when a shopper opens a personalized product. As the product is a customizable piece of jewelry, the product page will contain an additional interactive 3D area. This photorealistic 3D area is fully interactive and allows the shopper to personalize the chosen piece of jewelry. This provides instant updates to the 3D photorealistic visualization, showing the shopper the personalization changes in real-time. At the same time, this tool always displays the product’s price based on the shopper’s current personalization choices. 

§2.1 Mobile-friendly

Over 50% of shoppers make purchases exclusively on mobile devices. The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin works well on all mobile devices, phones and tablets alike.

 The Jewelutions plugin automatically adapts to the screen geometry of the shopper’s device, offering distinct and device-optimized experiences: for desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet. 

§2.2 Simplicity 

Our “data driven” behavioral analysis on the online jewelry personalization process strongly suggests that most shoppers have minimal skills for visually customizing their jewelry. When asked, shoppers are enthusiastic about the idea of “co-creation”, but when they actually have to do it they are often intimidated by the complexity of the visual tools. 

We believe that it really is possible for a shopper to  “co-create” without being exposed to any complexity whatsoever. They can personalize their jewelry easily as long as the user experience is right and the software automates all complexity away . Our web interface is very simple and easy to use - it can be used by the least skilled web shoppers. We are strong believers in basic, but powerful personalization choices.

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§3. A white label tool

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin uses a visual theme system that is similar to the e-commerce platform that already runs your shop. During the setup process, we help you select or create a color theme that is well-aligned with your brand colors. If you want to take your branding and visual identity to the next level, our plugin can be configured with exclusive on-brand personalized content for text and symbols. Learn more

§4. Focus on the shopping experience 

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin has been designed with the fundamental expectations of the online shopper in mind. We have looked into shopping conversion studies that share insight into shopper behavior. One of the top findings of these studies highlights the importance of a product’s size and price in the conversion process. 

Jewelutions always display the final price in real-time. We also make sure that we provide a realistic display of the actual physical size of the ordered product.

§4.1 The final price is always visible

According to a Shopify study, 17% of cart abandonment instances are caused by unclear pricing. The shoppers abandon their cart because the total final price wasn’t available to them throughout the shopping process. 

The Jewelutions e-commerce extension always displays the product price visibly and clearly. The price is updated during the personalization process, allowing the user to see the final product price at all times. 

§4.2 Realistic display of physical size

According to the same Shopify study, over 50% of shoppers return their purchases because they expected the product to have a different size. Our extension provides the shopper with a clear and realistic depiction of the actual physical size of the personalized jewelry. This information is displayed both as text and with the help of suggestive images.

§5. Using existing checkout and payment processes 

Our e-commerce plugin does not change your shop’s existing checkout and payment processes in any way. Your shoppers will go through the same customer journey both when ordering existing and the new personalized items. 

Our plugin has been designed so that it does not disturb your sales funnel or your conversion rates in any way. Differences between existing products and personalized jewelry will only be visible on the product details page. In the case of personalizable jewelry, the shopper will see an additional personalization 3D area.

§6. Setup and support

Shop extensions can have a great impact on how a shop works and how the retail customer experiences the products made available through the plugin. 

In order to prepare your shop for success, the Jewelutions customer success team provides full assistance with the installation and ongoing maintenance of our plugin. The installation process also includes branding opportunities, like adding personalization content (fonts and symbols) unique to your shop. 

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