What kind of brand specific personalization features to offer?

23.12.20 03:48 PM By Jewelutions

In business and marketing, you have to differentiate yourself. When it comes to online retail, each shop has a well-defined target-audience and product range. 

This identification is visible throughout the entire customer journey - from the product images to the text, titles, fonts, and colors used on the website. This personalization process is reflected at an even deeper level in the case of personalized jewelry. 

§1. Personalizing jewelry: how and why

When it comes to personalized jewelry, the shopper should have enough personalization options, as this will both enhance the shopping experience, and make the final product unique. The personalization options should match both the brand and the customers’ expectations.

Example 1: Cute fonts for baby names

For example, the shopper might want to write a personalized text on the jewelry. To meet the customer’s expectations, the shop must configure the personalization web plugin with fonts that are compatible with the brand positioning. 

A shop that sells jewelry dedicated to new mums and babies should of course offer the choice of using a “cute” font - instead of the standard “Helvetica”, for example. This way, your brand is preserved and the customers receive what they were expecting. 

Example 2: Dog symbol for animal lovers

Symbols are another good example of relevant personalization options. A shop specializing in pets' jewelry should configure its personalization web plugin with animal-themed symbol collections, like dogs & other animals. This will inspire the shopper while keeping the personalization options aligned with the brand. 

§2. Personalization options: what should be possible?

A jewelry personalization solution should be configurable to align itself with the brand values of the shop. This means that it should be able to work with several choices of stone settings, colors, fonts, and symbols. 

A shop should choose these according to the brand voice, as all these personalization choices should help tell the brand story. 

Here are some personalization options that should be adapted to the brand and the customer expectations:

§2.1 Stones

With stones or simple? That is of course a matter of personal taste and purchase context. For example, romantic jewelry should offer the chance to make a piece of jewelry “shine” by adding stones. However, some shoppers will want to keep things simple - this is also a valid choice. 

All Jewelutions designs are available with or without stones. During the onboarding process, we help shops decide which stone settings they should make available to their shoppers.

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§2.2 Colors

Jewelry comes in different colors. The color is given either by the metal used or by the plating applied on top of the metal. The personalization process should not limit the shopper’s color choices. 

The personalization colors should simply be adapted to the design base color in order to achieve the best possible contrast and visual appeal. The shopper can then choose from an array of colors the one that best suits his style.

All Jewelutions designs include several colors, based on metal selection and plating. During the onboarding process, we help shops decide which colors to make available to their shoppers.

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§2.3 Fonts for various styles & alphabets

Going back to one of our previous examples - it is obvious that a baby jewelry shop should offer the possibility of personalizing jewelry with funny fonts. A shop should define and select the right variety of fonts so that they are appealing to their shoppers.

If the shopper would like to write a custom message on the jewelry, he should be able to choose from fonts that are aligned with the shop identity. For example, a “handwriting” font relevant for a baby-themed shop will be very different from a “handwriting” font for a pet themed shop. That is why the shop needs to have the ability to choose the appropriate fonts. 

At the same time, text can be written in different alphabets - Latin, Indian, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc. Depending on where the shop is selling its jewelry, it should have the ability to cover all relevant alphabets. 

The text can also have different directions depending on local writing traditions: left to right for most Latin languages, right to left for Middle Eastern languages, and top to bottom for some Asian languages. A good jewelry personalization solution should be able to support all these options. 

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin has dozens of popular fonts in its collection. Our collection also includes fonts for various languages. During the onboarding process, we help shops add their own fonts to the Jewelutions plugin.

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§2.4 Symbol collections

Symbols are commonly used to personalize jewelry and shoppers like to have multiple symbols to choose from. Oftentimes, shops use thematic symbol collections that are well-aligned with the brand. 

For example, a gothic shop might offer personalization with runic or other historical symbols. A sports shop, on the other hand, will use symbols relevant to popular sports.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin has dozens of popular symbol collections available. We also help shops add their own symbol collections during the onboarding process.

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