Why do you need 3D visualization for your personalized jewelry? 

24.12.20 03:48 PM By Jewelutions

For the past two decades, product images have been the main way through which shoppers experienced a product catalog. Shops traditionally spend a lot of money to make sure that their products are displayed in a good realistic manner.

Even today, product images are paramount for a shop’s product catalog. However, product images are not the end of the story. 

§1. The importance of 3D models for the personalization industry

In the world of personalization, you must do better. For a flawless personalization experience, 3D models are the way to go. These have the same importance in the new world of photorealistic 3D representations as “traditional” product images do for “traditional” products. 

How does 3D representation work? If your shop offers personalized jewelry, this will be possible through a web personalization plugin. This plugin will use 3D models to show the personalized product, creating a photorealistic 3D experience. This will lead to more accuracy in the product’s representation, but also to a better customer experience. 

To ensure a great experience for your shoppers, you must make sure that your end-to-end personalization solution uses the right 3D models. These should be accurate and depict the final products in a flattering, but realistic manner. This will in turn guarantee a flawless customer experience and an order fulfilment process that will make your shoppers happy.

§2. How should these 3D models be made?

By now, you understand the benefits of using 3D models of your personalized jewelry. These account for a better experience for your shoppers, but can also impact your revenue: your shoppers will be happy with their end-products, as the final products will be as seen “on the screen”. 

Let’s have a look at the main elements that create great 3D models.

§2.1  A design team specialized in jewelry

You can of course choose to use generalist 3D designers for your personalized jewelry. And in the past specialization wasn’t very common, so things were often done this way. However, results can be disappointing in this case. The visual and technical dimensions of the products may in this case not be perfectly accurate. This impacts the overall shopper experience and may also result in not meeting the shopper’s expectations with the final product. This in turn may mean that the shoppers aren’t 100% happy with their products. 

You can avoid this by making sure that your 3D models are created and validated by a team that is experienced with 3D jewelry models. This will guarantee that the 3D models match or even exceed the quality standards expected within the industry.

The Jewelutions CAD design team has worked with jewellery 3D models for over 10 years. We know what it takes to create good CAD designs for jewellery and we love jewelry personalization.

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§2.2  Visually accurate designs

The 3D CAD models of the personalized jewelry should be as visually accurate as possible. This will guarantee that the shoppers’ expectations are met. You know what they say: what you see, is what you get! Or at least that’s how it should be. 

Otherwise, the shoppers won’t be happy with their purchases. When it comes to jewelry personalization, this is a complex process, as designers must always keep in mind that the end-result is a real, physical product. The shopper will always compare this with the screen visualization they were shown during the personalization process.

The Jewelutions CAD design team has extensive experience with 3D jewelry models used in visually demanding environments. Our team members are experts in lights, reflections, and other challenging visual elements which need to be aligned in order to create an excellent visual experience.

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§2.3  Production-grade accuracy

The 3D CAD models used for the visualization of the personalized jewelry must also be used in production. This guarantees a perfect match between the “on-screen” product visualization and the physical end-product. It is therefore essential that these 3D models satisfy the high demands of physical precision required for production. If the models are not accurate, there will be differences between the final physical product and the “on-screen” representation. This means that the shopper will not be happy with the ordered personalized item. 

The Jewelutions CAD design team has over 10 years of experience in creating 3D jewelry models for production. We know what it takes to create CAD models for personalized jewelry that will be used in a casting machine or a 3D printer.

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