Why do you need a plugin for your online shop?

25.12.20 04:40 PM By Jewelutions

Personalized jewelry is a good idea - selling such jewery can be interesting for shoppers and rewarding for your shop. But if you want to offer your shoppers personalized jewelry, you will need to use a dedicated plugin. 

This plugin (or extension) will be the most important touchpoint with your shopper. It should be fully integrated to support your brand, but also ensure that the customer experience is flawless. 

§1. Personalization Plugin: How It Works

When it comes to its functionality, a good jewelry personalization plugin should play nicely with your shop solution, marketing & other core business processes.  

The 5 essentials

§2. Photorealistic 3D visualization

Over the last decade, the shoppers’ expectations towards the online shopping experience have increased greatly. This includes the visual side of your offering - they expect to receive exactly what they see on their screens. 

How do you meet these expectations? Nowadays, you can offer the best experience through photorealistic 3D visualization. These can be experienced interactively and in real-time & are as close as possible to the physical product they receive at home. 

Some personalization solutions still offer “old style” solutions where the shopper leaves a comment during the checkout process or sees an image with a sample text. These approaches however cannot provide a flawless experience as they force the shopper to imagine how the final product looks instead of simply seeing it on their screen.

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§2.1 Mobile-first 

According to a Shopify report, shoppers make their purchases using a mobile device in about 50% of cases. The rest of the shopping still happens on a larger device, like a laptop or a desktop. And this is not new - it’s been happening since 2015. As mobile phones are becoming even more accessible, it is fair to assume that this trend will not go away anytime soon. 

Mobile traffic accounts for 50.3% of web traffic and just 49.7% of traffic comes from large devices, such as desktops or laptops.

To provide an up-to-date user experience, the extension should work flawlessly on a variety of devices and screen sizes. Otherwise, there is a risk that your shop will lose some of its visitors and potential buyers just because the shop works poorly on the device the customers are using. 

§2.2 Simplicity 

When interacting with a personalized piece of jewelry, the shopper wants to be part of the creative process. However, he is most likely not a professional visual designer. The customization experience should have your shopper in mind - it should be simple and easy to use, without overwhelming the customer with too many choices.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin is an easy-to-use mobile-friendly solution. It works flawlessly on all devices and offers accurate real-time photorealistic 3D visualization

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§3. Full white label

The jewelry personalization extension should integrate perfectly with your brand. It should by no means look or “feel” different, so that the customer experience is seamless during the personalization process. A white label solution can also help you ensure your branding is aligned, while avoiding an unfortunate association with a different brand. 

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin uses a theme system. The system is very similar to the one used by the e-commerce platform that powers your shop. During the setup process, our team will set up a unique color theme, perfectly aligned with your brand colors.

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§4. Shopper experience focused 

The personalization extension should be able to include the fundamental interests of online shoppers: price and size. This will support a smooth customer journey and can help you maximize your conversion rate.

§4.1 Visibility of the final price

According to Shopify, 17% of cart abandonment instances are caused by unclear pricing. The shoppers abandon their carts because they couldn’t calculate product costs up-front.

17% of cart abandonment instances are cause by unclear pricing.

During the personalisation process, the shop must display the price of the design, as it is in progress. Ideally, as shoppers change their design, they should see the final price adjusted in real-time.

§4.2 Realistic display of physical size

According to Shopify, over 50% of shoppers return their purchases because they expected different product sizes. To avoid this high return rate, the shop must indicate the actual size of the product during the personalization process. This should be presented realistically and intuitively.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin is fully adjusted to these fundamental expectations of the online shopper: knowing the exact price and size of the product. The plugin displays the final price in real-time and makes sure to offer a realistic depiction of the product’s size.

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§5. Use existing checkout and payment processes

A personalization plugin should not affect the checkout and payment processes in any way. The extension should be able to use the shop’s existing processes. This means the customer journey won’t be affected. The ordering and payment processes should be the same for both “mass-produced” and “personalized” products. 

§5.1 The checkout process

18% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because of a long and complicated checkout process.

Shopify - cart abandonement study

You have already optimized the checkout process for your target audience. Your shoppers are used to a certain process for your generic, mass-produced items. The personalization plugin should not change this, as changes will affect your conversation rate.

§5.2 The payment process

17% of shoppers abandon their online shopping cart because they don't trust the site with the credit card information.

Shopify - cart abandonement study

You already made the payment process as simple as possible. Any changes in this process will affect your cart abandonment and conversion rates. It’s therefore essential that the personalization extension does not alter the payment process in any way.

The Jewelutions e-commerce plugin can be adapted to your existing checkout and payment processes and therefore does not affect the customer journey in any way.

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§6. Setup and support

Shop extensions have a high impact on both the way a shop works and on the customer experience. This means that it’s important that the personalization solution has full technical support for setup and ongoing maintenance. Without this, the shop may suffer due to the misconfiguration of the software or low (or no) maintenance (e.g. new software updates, security updates, etc.)

The Jewelutions customer success team provides all our users full assistance with both the installation and ongoing maintenance tasks. 

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Would you like to find out more about how personalized jewelry can help your online shop?