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The commercial benefits of personalized jewelry
Offering personalised jewellery can give a shop the chance to differentiate itself from the competition while offering the shopper a unique experience and a product that truly fits their style.
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Benefit: Shoppers stop comparing prices & are willing to buy at higher retail margins 

According to Shopify online jewelry shops have an average cart abandonment rate of around 70%. This is a high number, and it sounds like bad news for any shop. It is most likely a problem that your shop has been facing as well.

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Jewelutions - dedicated exclusively to the production of personalized jewelry

As a company, Jewelutions is fully dedicated to the production of personalized jewelry. From software (e-commerce plugin) to physical production, our processes have been designed specifically for the jewelry personalization industry. 

Our production capability is fully dedicated to jewelry perso...

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Benefit: Shoppers expect much longer delivery times 

We are living in fast times. We want fast internet connections, fast entertainment, fast services. Unfortunately, this is what your shoppers are used to. They also expect fast delivery for their shopping. If you find it difficult to live up to the expectation of offering lightning-fast delivery with...

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Benefit: Shoppers cannot & do not expect to return personalized purchases 
Shops are not legally required to accept returns of custom products.
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Benefit: There is no need to invest in stock

Every business raises many challenges - from marketing strategy, managing sales to answering customer feedback, to production issues. These are all areas that can impact the success of a business. 

One of the most important challenges faced by a jewelry e-commerce business such as yours is that ...

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Asking the right questions when selecting a personalized jewelry solution

In order to successfully offer jewelry personalization to your shoppers, you first need to find the right solution for the job. What is a personalization solution?!

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Why do you need a plugin for your online shop?

Personalized jewelry is a good idea - selling such jewery can be interesting for shoppers and rewarding for your shop. But if you want to offer your shoppers personalized jewelry, you will need to use a dedicated plugin. 

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Why do you need 3D visualization for your personalized jewelry? 
In the world of personalization, you must do better. For a flawless personalization experience, 3D models are the way to go. These have the same importance in the new world of photorealistic 3D representations as “traditional” product images do for “traditional” products.
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What kind of brand specific personalization features to offer?
When it comes to personalized jewelry, the shopper should have enough personalization options, as this will both enhance the shopping experience, and make the final product unique. The personalization options should match both the brand and the customers’ expectations.
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How to select the right jewelry producer for personalized items?
The right jewelry producer will be dedicated to personalization, but should also have a structural incentive and the ability to invest in the best personalization tools and processes.
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Jewelutions - The complete solution for jewelry personalisation
Jewelutions has over 10 years of experience in the jewelry market. Our team of passionate professionals has a deep commitment to the entire personalization experience
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The white label shop plugin: a flawless visual experience
The Jewelutions e-commerce personalization plugin offers integration with your brand, your customer journey, and your shop. Our customer success team provides full assistance both for the installation process and for post-installation tasks & maintenance.
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The Jewelutions 3D product catalog : custom made for online shopping

When you are in the online retail business, you know the importance of a product catalog with great images. As an online jewelry retailer, your product catalog is vital for your business. Shoppers simply won’t buy a product unless they like what they see on their screens. This also means that all th...

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Shopping-focused jewelry personalization features

Each shop develops a brand image and a brand voice that its target audience will find relatable. Your branding is present throughout the customer journey: on landing pages, product images, inspiration images, texts, titles, fonts, colors, etc. Personalized products are no exception to this rule.

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